How to Save money with Coupons

In the last few years, coupons have become more and more popular. At the supermarket you can save with them between $50 and $60 a week. Below you can find a few tips on the best ways to benefit using this type of money saving opportunity:

Tips on Coupon Savings

Buy national brands instead of generic, for big savings at the supermarket of your local area. Store brands usually have a cheaper price tag but they are not supported by big marketing financing. Most of the time, you can’t use coupons for generic store brands. For big saving deals it is best to use coupons in order to purchase national brand items.

To take advantage of coupons in the best possible, way it is recommended to avoid staying loyal to a single brand. Products at different stores vary in price and it is best to shop around for the best deals. By checking out each store’s circular once a week you will stay informed about coupon offers and will be able to buy products below the regular price.

You can use coupons in order to save on unprocessed food as well. Though most coupon offers are available for packaged items, you can also […] Continue Reading…

How to Earn Rewards with Swagbucks for Free Stuff

I’m always on the look out for ways to make a little extra cash, especially if that means I don’t have to do a lot more work. Six weeks ago I went searching for a new way to either make a little extra money, or at very least find a way to save something extra each month. What I found was Swagbucks, a program where you perform tasks for their site which includes everything from internet searches to online surveys, and they give you points for the tasks which are redeemable for some pretty good rewards.
How it Works
The first thing you do is to sign up with Swagbucks, they start you off with 30 free points by doing their tutorial. It’s not much work; I think it took me about 15 minutes.

Once you finish the tutorial, there are a number of ways that you can earn points or Swag Bucks (referred to as SB). After you gain enough SB, you can trade them in for gift certificates, or PayPal payouts for amounts of anywhere from $5 to $500. For a $5 gift certificate of most types it costs 500 Swag Bucks (450 for a $5 Amazon gift card) and […] Continue Reading…

Tips that’ll Keep you from Spending those Extra Dollars and Help you Save

How would you know that you’re spending too much money? Would you come to a conclusion when you have exhausted all your funds and you have no money to repay your loans and debt obligations? Would you like to become a person whom no one would invite because ‘he’s a broke’? Certainly not! Well, who would wish to become a broke someday? Unfortunately we make some wrong decisions that can boomerang in the long run and make us suffer.

One such habit is not keeping control over our expenses. Most of us are not aware of where our pennies are going and this is the main reason behind the large amount of debt that we’re drowning in. Earning more money is certainly a good way in which you can stop spending a lot and avoiding debt, but how long will you keep earning money and increase your expenses. So, this is not the solution to avoid debt. The actual solution is that you have to practice how to keep yourself from overspending. Here are some tips that you may follow:

Keep a tab on your expenses: The first tip is undoubtedly the most important one and this is the one that […] Continue Reading…

Working Abroad: Men’s Guide to Conquering Separation Anxiety

Sometimes there is no easy way to say goodbye. Goodbyes are hard especially if you are going away for a long time. Working men have become affected by separation anxiety because they often leave their homes to find better work elsewhere. While the economic intentions are noble, the jobs generally pay much better than their geographically close counterparts, the mental and psychological effects are far-reaching.

Everyone that is affected with the departure needs to cope with separation anxiety. But the good thing is that there are ways to cope with the anxiety when going to another place to work or do business. Here are some tips to guide men on how to ease the pain of separation and to deal with the anxiety better.

Know the symptoms

People are often oblivious about the symptoms of separation anxiety. They often think that it is natural to feel homesick because you are detached from your loved ones. It is actually dangerous to have this kind of mindset because it is obviously a ploy to put a normal face on a possibly dangerous situation.

While there has yet to be a clear diagnostic tool for separation anxiety among adults, there are certain signs that can help […] Continue Reading…

Save Money by Selling Your Car and Using On Demand Rentals

The automobile is one of the more difficult financial beasts to tame. On the one hand, cars are expensive, both as a single point of purchase investment (buying or putting a down payment) and as an ongoing expense (loan payments, insurance, repair and maintenance, fuel costs). On the other hand, many people cannot exist without their cars. They need them to commute to work, to purchase groceries, and to travel for other reasons. For some people who don’t make a lot of money, it can often seem like they are literally working just to be able to afford their vehicle.

One of the newest services offered by car rental agencies is the “on demand” model. In this service, you don’t have to stand in line at a rental office and fill out paperwork in order to rent a car that you must pre-pay for in day-long increments. Instead, you can rent cars for hours or even minutes and pay a pro-rated rate. One-way rentals are available, and insurance and gas are included in the price. Costs vary depending on the type of vehicle you need to rent, with small compact cars much cheaper than SUVs or trucks. Scheduling is done […] Continue Reading…

Reducing Financial Anxiety: Budgeting Tips for Working Moms

Working moms are the ones usually tasked to manage the family budget. Often they get stalled because they don’t know where the money went causing them undue financial anxiety. Financial anxiety becomes all too real for people that have no idea how to manage their money through smart budgeting. Financial anxiety does not only cause a dent on your pocket and bank account it can also cause unhealthy effects. It is something that people, especially working moms should strongly consider.

Create a smart budget

This is the best thing to do in order to reduce financial anxiety. When you make a budget you get to track where the money of the household goes to. You become aware where the money is being spent and you get to track how much you owe. It is important to put most of the money on the things that you need to have and cut back on the things that are not that essential. Take a look at what you need to spend on. A mortgage is generally the most expensive thing that a household needs to spend on. The next would be food, utilities, and transportation expenses bring up the rear.

Track your receipts

Tracking your […] Continue Reading…

6 Ideas which can help cut household bills and save money

Planning is important for savings. It is planning which can help you maintain your finances and have lower expenses along with fewer debts. This helps you in saving more for now and your retirement years. However, the cost of living has went through such an upsurge that, it’s becoming hard to save up any money, even through planning. Still, you need to work hard, so that you can actually save money for a safe future. You will also be required to build an emergency fund, which may help you stay away from debt, as much as possible.

Reducing cost of household bills

Reducing your household bills may seem to be a tough job at first, but the feeling of winning over it, can be exhilarating. Saving is not simply about getting advantages through discounts. You will have to devise various other plans and stratagems, which can help you save money.

Avoid sticking to the same bank – It would be better for you to avoid sticking to the same bank for long. There is no point showing your loyalty to a bank. You never know, another bank may be making better offers. So, it would be wise of you to check out […] Continue Reading…

25 Easy Ways to Save Money

It can be a stressful thing when you have a lot of things to pay for and little money left to save. You try to work hard to earn more but the case is just the same and you might be frustrated that even how much you want to save money, you end up not saving in the process. Basically, it all comes down to changing your spending habits as well as your thinking. Remember that your needs should come before your wants and cutting back on expenditures would be easy by starting not tomorrow or another day but now.
25 Ways to Save Money

Keep the change yourself and put them in a jar for a month. Deposit them to a bank after and you can find a hundred dollars or more added to your money.
Cook your own food instead of calling for deliveries or eating out.
Pack your own lunch at work to avoid buying expensive foods outside. It would cost you just half the price or even less if you would pack your own lunch.
Save money by choosing healthier vegetables and fruits over meats or processed goods. Veggies and fruits are less expensive and they’re healthier while overeating on […] Continue Reading…

What You Need to Know About Money Before You Head to College

Millions of Americans head off to college campuses each year. Per Chronicle of Higher Education published statistics, 20 million Americans throughout the nation enroll in college each year and over half (60 percent) of them borrow money to cover costs of attendance. Depending on the amount that a student borrows, it can take several decades to repay student loans. According to the New York Federal Reserve Board, up to 2,200,000 people who are 60 or more years of age still have outstanding student loan obligations. Following are some financial tips to help college students manage their money wisely while in school.

Financial Literacy

If you are financially illiterate, you cannot hope to manage your money wisely. In fact, the Inceptia National Financial Capability Study revealed that students generally have an inadequate grasp of financial issues. A whopping 40 percent were unable to define the phrase “net pay,” while 45 percent stated that they do not comprehend their own credit scores. Even worse is the fact that 70 percent of the students who participated in that study had already take out student loans to finance their educations.

Do not become a victim of financial illiteracy. The Internet literally offers a goldmine of useful […] Continue Reading…

Choosing the Right Time to Refinance to Save the Most Money

When someone is considering refinancing the mortgage, the next question is: Is this a good time to refinance my mortgage? The short answer to this question is yes. Let’s look at the reasons why.

Historically Low Interest Rates

The thirty year fixed average interest rate has hit 4%. This seems high after several years of 2% and 3% mortgages. Yet this is a great deal when we realize that the average inflation rate since 1914 is 3.22%. You can borrow money to purchase a home at a rate slightly above the average rate of inflation.

It is easy to forget that the past two decades of low interest rates were preceded by the 1980s where mortgage rates were 5% to 10%, and the 1970s that saw 10% to 20% inflation per year. And given the growing debt load the U.S. government is taking on, it only takes a modest decline in investor confidence that the debt will be repaid in full for markets to demand a much higher interest rate on federal bonds, currently in the 1% to 2% range. If the government stops buying its own bonds to keep the interest rate low, we’ll probably see interest rates spike. Or […] Continue Reading…